Chakra multi-color Sphere

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Chakra healing is an absolutely powerful way to help support your overall energy healing and personal healing work. 

These spheres are helpful for this as they are made of the multiple colors representing each chakra center in the body... Root chakra, Red. Sacral chakra, Orange. Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow. Heart chakra, Green. Throat chakra, Blue. Third-Eye chakra, Indigo. Crown Chakra, Violet.

Spheres are handy to use as they are easy to hold in the hand as you work and beautiful to look at. 

I personally love to hold a sphere in my hand when I pray, as I go to sleep, when I'm doing ritual work or even just watching TV and just want to get some good energy happening.

Use these little beauties to help supercharge your spiritual and healing work. :)