Confession 5. Dealing with grief & loss due to miscarriage

Confession 5. Dealing with grief & loss due to miscarriage

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This particular confession is a bit longer and deeper, heavier than most might be. Let's talk about grief and dealing with miscarriage... the thing no one wants to talk about, but we NEED to talk about in order to HEAL. 

Whether it's you who have experienced it, your partner, or a loved one who went through it and you want to better understand without bombarding them with questions, this confession will help you with some simple truths and insight into the hurt and pain of miscarriage. The pain that runs so deep it can take your breath away and how to be there for your loved one without causing more harm. 

If you are the beautiful soul who has experienced this pain, then know that I am sending love and goodness your way. You are not alone. 
Disclaimer, you may or may not need tissue to wipe tears, or you may laugh like a hyena at a few of the things I say. :)

Definitely purchase more than one copy of this download to send as a gift, if you know someone who has been through or is going through this. My true hope, intention and prayer is that it will support you in healing. :)