Agate 10-20mm

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Agate is great for self reflection, self healing, chakra work and dealing with intense or heavy emotions. Also known to be good for matters of the heart and love, and working on forgiveness. 

Agate is also great for processing emotions like anger, fear, regrets, and releasing self-doubt. Great to aid cleansing energy work for self and your environment. 

Experience the timeless beauty of Agate. With its mesmerizing bands of color and exquisite patterns, is nature's masterpiece. Known for its balancing energies, Agate harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit.

This captivating gemstone enhances stability and offers a soothing, calming influence, making it a must-have for those seeking inner peace and clarity. Explore the wonder of Agate and indulge in its sheer elegance.

Each piece of Agate showcases its unique and intricate patterns, revealing the masterful hand of Mother Earth herself. Beyond its visual allure, Agate holds the power to balance your energies and foster a sense of tranquility. Its gentle yet potent influence can help you navigate life's ebbs and flows with grace and resilience. Whether you're a collector or a spiritual seeker, Agate is an essential addition to your crystal repertoire. Explore our selection of Agate, where the beauty of the Earth meets the wisdom of the ages,

Our clients love adding Agate into their daily routines, rituals and even cleansing baths. Wearing it on your body, in your pockets and placing some under your pillow or bed are easy ways to add this powerhouse into your healing routine. 

Hold some Agate in your hand when you meditate and visualize the negative energy leaving your body as a mist and returning to spirit, while also calling in divine love to restore and heal you from the inside out.