Amethyst Druze, 3-4 inches

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Amethyst is said to be a great stone for protection, emotional healing, and energy healing. Also said to work well with chakra cleansing, aiding in love and relationships as well as clear thinking. Said to help relieve stress and anxiety as well. Great focusing with massage to help relieve pain and discomfort in the body.

Bring amethyst into your daily rituals and healing practices when you want to tap more into your logical mind and cognitive thinking. Especially helpful when dating and selecting your potential mate or communicating with your significant other, to feel the love while thinking clearly.

A simple way to use Amethyst and its amazing energy is to hold it in your hand while meditating, use tumbled pieces to massage pain spots, keep it on your desk as you work on projects or accomplishing tasks.

Or you can pop it in your bra ladies, or gentlemen keep it in your shirt or pants pocket. Let it's energy connect with you as you go about your day and engage in the activities where you need to keep a clear head and relieve heavy emotions.

We know it can be daunting when you are just starting out with crystals and stones so message us with questions when you need help getting pointed in the right direction or figuring out which pieces you want to add to your collection.