Blue Sandstone/ Blue Goldstone, large chips 10-20mm

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Blue Sandstone/ Blue Goldstone are a "man made" stone. Created from Feldspar & Gypsum and containing copper specks, they are not formed "naturally" as are most Crystal's and stones. However they still pack a mighty punch with the healing energy they can bring to the user.

This stone is all about get up and go! Whether you need more ummph in your every day life, more push and energy for your business & money matters, or just wanna tap into that inner BADASS! :)

Helpful as a shield from negativity and creating a more positive outlook and useful for those that need help to tap their inner courage and bring it forth. 

Leaders, managers, supervisors, anyone needing help with guiding their people, canbenefit from this particular stone. Keep some in your pocket or work bag, place some near your phone, computer, desk, or whatever you handle business matters.