Crystal Egg / Yoni Egg

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Crystal Eggs have been used for thousands of years and have been touted by many for their spiritual and healing benefits. Historically said as first used by concubines, they are now available to the masses and used across all cultures religious/spiritual beliefs and for various health and healing intentions. 

at this time we only carry drilled, as that's what our customers prefer. Un-drilled are available by special order only


Here are the Crystals/Stones we currently have in stock. If you're looking for something you dont see, ASK US. And we may be able to get it for you. :

☆Lapis Lazuli
☆Smokey Quartz

☆Clear Quartz

☆Rose Quartz

Others we carry when available...

☆Fancy Jasper

☆Green Aventurine
☆Red Jasper


We have a revolving inventory of eggs because it's one of our best selling items. So if your item is sold out before we fill your order, dont fret! We are always doing our wholesale orders. So yours will just be treated as a pre-order and your item will ship to you as soon as we get it back in stock, typically 7-10 business days for us to get our wholesale orders in. 

Here are some of the benefits...

☆Physical and or emotional trauma,
☆Vaginal dryness,
☆Hormonal balance,
☆Forgiveness work,
☆Supporting navigating PTSD,
☆More deeply connect with your divine feminine,
☆Embrace and more personally enjoy your sexuality & sensuality,
☆Supporting depression and or anxiety,
☆Healing relationship wounds,
☆Releasing baggage and navigating divorce,
☆Increasing sensitivity and sexual drive,
☆Reclaiming and honoring the physical body,
☆Traumatic childbirth,
☆Heal and release childhood pain,
☆Fertility journey,
☆Decreasing or preventing incontinence,
☆Strengthening muscles after childbirth,
☆Physical therapy for the vaginal walls,
☆And so much more!!


We have a couple YouTube videos available here on getting started with crystal eggs/ yoni eggs...