Crystal Bundle for Happy furbabies

Crystal Bundle for Happy furbabies

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One question I get pretty frequently from pet owners is "what can I use on my dog to calm them down or help ease anxiety?

So heres a tip for those who have furbabies...

My furbaby Blue is high maintenance and can get really antsy, in the way and moody. He's got a ton of energy and can be a chewer (on the things he's not supposed to be chewing, lol!)

I recently was wondering why he was so chill, always going in his crate and napping and just calmer than he typically is. I had forgotten I had put these particular Crystals in his crate until I was taking it apart to deep clean it. They were buried under all his blankets and came tumbling out.
He immediately started grabbing them one by one and taking them back to his crate, lol! So as I was putting his clean blankets in I just put them back under there.

Now, full disclosure he loves his crate anyway. I've always trained my dogs with treats and toys from the start to love their crates. But lately this last month it was a whole different level of adoration he seemed to have for his space.

I put them in there one day just on an intuitive nudge. And clearly they did what they needed to do for him because he wanted them back😂😂. Over the month I noticed hes not only calmer, but he's eating more and getting a healthier weight, which has been hard to maintain. And he's playing with his toys more, as well as not as anxious (hes really sensitive to energy). Figured I'd share, maybe it'll help your furbaby.🤗🤗 

(1) Labradorite tumbled
(1) Amethyst, tumbled

(1) Selenite, rough
(2) Black Obsidian, tumbled