Embracing Change (Peace & Ease ) Bundle

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Hey, hey, hey love! 

We know that change can be scary, beautiful, adventurous and sometimes gutwrenching all at the same time. So we've curated this particular bundle of crystal goodies to help support you in navigating change with as much ease as possible. Ease doesn't always mean easy, but it can absolutely help you get into the best aligned and intentional flow, support you in create change with acknowledging your fears. 

Crystals included... (pieces) 

Agate (3)

White Onyx (1)

Labradorite (1)

Clear Quartz (1)

Mookaite (1)

Turquoise (1)


Rose Quartz (1)

Jade (1)

Black Obsidian (1)

Fire Quartz (1)

These particular crystals were to help you create and cultivate a beautiful experience for yourself because embracing all of you, to the depths of your being is life changing and spectacular!🤩


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