Fire Quartz Rough

Fire Quartz Rough

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Fire Quartz is said to be good for revitalizing the energy and the body. It's also good to help with problem solving and helps to provide motivation and enthusiasm for the things you want to work on or accomplish. Helps to create a warming energy.

I have recommended many times to clients, to use Fire Quartz when working on matters of love and romance. It helps to being up and burn off the clogs in communication, open up the romance and jazz up that firey passion, and can help lovers connect in a deeper level of intimacy. 

It's a great stamina abs energy booster for introverts, I personally use it and carry in my bra and pockets whenever I do in person events. 

Here's another tip... add some Fire Quartz into your love and money rituals, crystal grids, candle work and give it that extra ooomph!

Price is per piece. 

We know it can be daunting when you are just starting out with crystals and stones so message us with questions when you need help getting pointed in the right direction or figuring out which pieces you want to add to your collection.