Group ritual... August 2023 (Lions Gate)

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You may pruchase with or withou waistbeads. If you know someone who could really use the help, you are welcome to purchase extra spots, and gift them a spot to join you. :) Please include their name in the comments at checkout if you are purchasing as a gift for someone else. 

This one will be focused on "Put Some MF Respect On My Name!" To help you increase your self confidence, stand up in your power and get that group energy revving you up even more powerfully! 

PLEASE NOTE... you will need to select whether you want to purchase just the ritual  OR select WITH waistbeads if you would like to receive one of the waistbeads that will be charged up during the ritutal process. 

AND... the pictured waistbeads are an example of past ritual beads created. The waistbeads for each ritual are cultivated based on the energy of the ritual and colors chosen to represent that energy. Each piece will vary

8/1- 8/11/23

A short broadcast will be posted live in 'The Unapologetic Healer' private fb group on 8/8/23. So please make sure you join us there...

☆☆INTENTIONS☆☆ for this ritual will include... 

▪︎Releasing old emotional stories concerning money, lack, struggle, and feast/famine mentality

▪︎Releasing ancestral baggage and outdated/misaligned truths

▪︎Increasing your self confidence and helping you to stand in in your power!


To prepare, take some time to get clear on exactly what it is you'd like to clear out, or create space for in your life.

▪︎Write it down if you can. This may help you to weed through the choas in your mind and or energy, and truly zone in on what you want to focus your energy on. 

▪︎On the day of the ritual, if you want to, you can work in tandem and light your own candle or do a small fire burn on your own, while we do our ritual with the information you have provided. It's totally up to you.

▪︎Most of all, BE OPEN!

Let spirit guide you and bring you whatever wisdom is to come from this for you. And look to see the ways spirit might reveal how your healing and expansion is showing up concerning money.

▪︎Phone calls or emails you weren't expecting that bring a blessing.

▪︎Someone new sowing into you. 

▪︎An old relationship being healed and grudges released. 

▪︎Money you didn't work for.

▪︎Free items, gifts, upgrades, etc.

▪︎Feeling lighter, more expansive.

▪︎Feeling energy moving through and releasing from your body.

▪︎Better, more restful and restorative sleep.

▪︎Symptoms Anxiety or Depression may feel lessened.

▪︎New love coming in.

▪︎More supportive friendships & relationships.

▪︎Promotions, bonuses, extra money coming in.

▪︎Finding money on the ground or anonymous gifts. 

▪︎Increases in your business, sales, new clients, and customers.

▪︎Dreams are coming more frequently or becoming more vivid


There's no limit to how Spirit can and does show up. So be open, ready, and willing to receive and continue doing your own personal healing process to help facilitate the energy.