HealingOne Road Opener/ Blockbuster Ritual

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Road Opener & Blockbuster rituals are often done separately. I however, was guided by my angels and ancestors to combine them and have always done them together.

These are a great way to bring forth your religious and spiritual practices and infuse them into your daily living. 

Most often, I also combine them with protection work.  Be sure to use the tips below to be prepared for the ritual. 

GROUP RITUALS (we will announce them ahead of time if we are holding one)... In effort to allow it to be accessible for more people right now, we are keeping the price lowered for the group rituals right now.

If you know someone who could really use the help, you are welcome to purchase extra spots, and gift them a spot to join you. :) Please include their name in the comments at checkout if you are purchasing as a gift for someone else. 

INDIVIDIAL RITUALS... Are scheduled after purchase and are personalized and completed for individuals, couples and families. 

Some things this ritual can help with...
▪︎Removing and cleansing stagnant energy
▪︎Easing tensions in relationships
▪︎Helping you to get out of your own way
▪︎Bringing clarity when you feel overwhelmed or stuck

▪︎Helping you to clear out old habits and patterns

▪︎Preparing for new opportunities and experiences

▪︎Clearing blockages and hindrances in your finances and money matters. 

▪︎Clearing malicious energy that others may have sent to you. 

▪︎Can be extremely helpful in manifesting or co-crrating work. 

I love doing them for clients to help with getting new jobs, starting new businesses, new relationships, clearing out obstacles in relationships or business, and so much more!

And I personally believe that it is important to create open roads and opportunities, also to clear out old, stagnant or blocking energy, when you're trying to experience something new or wanting to supercharge your healing journey. 

It's all based in what you believe and how you see the journey. Can you get where you going or get what you want without doing this type of ritual? ABSOLUTELY! However, I believe in doing things as simply abd as easy as possible. To get the most pleasure, enjoyment and ease, that you can out of life. 


So, to prepare, take some time to get clear on exactly what it is you'd like to clear out, or create space for in your life.

▪︎Write it down if you can. This may help you to weed through the choas in your mind and or energy, and truly zone in on what you want to focus your energy on. 

▪︎On the day of the ritual, if you want to,  you can work in tandem and light your own candle or do a small fire burn on your own, while we do our ritual with the information you have provided. It's totally up to you.

▪︎Most of all, BE OPEN!

Let spirit guide you and bring you whatever wisdom is to come from this for you. And look to see the ways spirit might reveal how your roads are being opened and how obstacles are being cleared.

The ritual will typically be started at 11:11pm,  cst and will include candles and fire burn as part of our process and the candles will burn through the night until they are completed.

After you have lit your own candle and or tuned into the energy of the ritual (simply give your energy permission to connect with the intended ritual that you have purposed), be at peace and trust the process. Be aware, open, and look for the ways that Spirit shows.

Here's to bountiful opportunities and ease of blessings. 😎😎


Results are individual and we do not promise any specific outcomes. 

Rituals will not be refunded. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.. You may also pay for expedited services. If you decide you don't want to have the ritual completed, IF we not already prepared supplies and started, you may use the credit towards other items in the shop.