Indigo Grabba, rough

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Indigo Grabba is a wonderful stone to use for helping support your physical body and immune system. It has been noted as working to alleviate issues such as infections and even hot flashes.

Also known to be a powerful aid in strengthening and elevating spiritual, intuitive and psychic gifts and abilities.

Helps the user to tune inward and bring forth the divine connection of life and spirit. Creating balance in the human/spiritual experience. Use this piece to help amplify your hearing, seeing and sensing as you work with your own needs or supporting your coaching or spiritual clients. 

To integrate this piece into your daily practice...                    Add some to your nightstand, under your pillow, mattress or bed. Prime yourself to receive its assistance by creating 1-2 affirmations you can repeat as you lay down to rest each night. Allow it to support you as you rest and your spirit and mind processes your day or prepare you for the coming day. 

You can also add some into your work or ritual space, and hold it as you meditate, with with your angel, oracle or tarot decks and ask questions if your angelic/guide team. 

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