Labradorite, freeform boulders

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Labradorite is said to be good for increasing intuition and psychic abilities, as well as helping to increase inner strength and personal willpower.

Also known to help with past life healing work and healing old memories and wounds.Good to use with the third eye chakra.

Helps to channel your spiritual energy and physical energy, leaving you feeling balanced and refreshed. 

Add some Labradorite in to aid and strengthen your personal protection work and boundaries. Wear it on your body, dishes around the house, on your desk, wherever you spend a lot of time. 

I even take some tumbled Labradorite and keep it in the car on the little cubby under the radio so I can hold it in my hand for a minute or two when I need a recharge as I'm out running errands. 

Size... 3-5 inches tall, 2-3 inches wide. Each piece will vary in size and shape. Sourced from India.