Palo Santo Wood

Palo Santo Wood

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Size will vary slightly but each piece is roughly/approx 4 inches long up to 1/2 inch wide. 

Palo Santo wood or 'Holy Wood' as it's sometimes called, is often used in spiritual and healing practices. Many use it to clean or refresh their physical space, to detox or cleanse spiritual space and or energy. 

Some have reported to use it for physical support in treating and helping ease symptoms of trauma, asthma, colds, headaches, anxiety and even depression. 

Many prefer Palo Santo over sage because it is known to help cleanse and purge negative energy while simultaneously helping to being in a more positive/good and healing energy. 

Can be used for physical spaces as well as cleansing your spiritual tools such as Crystals & Card Decks. 

It can be a great addition to any spiritual or healing routine and used as you see fit based on your needs and judgement.