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Hey they lovebugs! 

This is the perfect grab bundle if you are ready to double down and fully tap into your self love. 


This bundle INCLUDES our Self Love Journal. A fun and simple way to keep your love focused on you for the next 365 days, love. Because you're worthy and you deserve it. It's that simple.🥰🤩😎

Here at HealingOne we believe self love is the end all be all, the bees knees and absolutely positively one of the most powerful things you need to focus on in upgrading healing journey. 

Use these crystals to add into your daily routine, love on yourself and add a lil pep in your badass step!🤩😎

Ladies, pop the crystals in your girls, pockets in your dress or on your nightstand or altar. Gents pop them in your pants pocket, on your desk or in your briefcase. Carry them on you and or keep them in your environments you spend the most time. 

We've bundled these particular crystals to help with balancing your divine feminine and divine masculine energies. We all have them both within and your thriving space is found by finding your right balance. 

The crystals contained in this bundle are... 

Rose Quartz or Strawberry Quartz

Smokey Quartz or Stromatolite 




Clear Quartz

Red Aventurine

Pieces may be substituted based on what we have available as some crystals are harder to source at this time (we will email you with available options for your choice of substituted item). We may also upsize a piece if we are out of the specific size that is included in the bundles which is 20mm-40mm.