Tree Of Life circle necklace

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Wire wrapped crystal chips, in the the Tree of Life design. 

The Tree of Life is popular and well known through both  religious and cultural beliefs. 

Said to represent the balance of life, knowledge, wisdom, inner self, being rooted, self healing, restoration, fertility and wholeness. Many also love to connect the tree of life, with birth, specially the placenta. If you were to search pictures, you'll see that there is truly a similarity in the look of the veiens as they run along the surface of the placenta, and the tree of life design. Many women have incorporated the design into their fertility journey to conceive and during pregnancy. 

I had many clients tell me they feel more grounded when incorporating it, with major life changes or dicing deeper to figure out what they truly believe spiritually. 

For me personally, it reminds me that though I am unique and individual, I am never alone and I am rooted into the spiritual collective. I am safe. I am protected. I am loved. 

Historically it is believe to come from ancient times, starting possible in Turkey, and spreading from ancient Egypt into other areas and cultures. 

If you resonate with the design and add it into your daily journey, tune in, and ask yourself what it means for you? ;)