Unakite tumbled 20-30mm

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One of my personal favs, I love working with Unakite as a way to stimulate fertility in my ideas (creation) and tapping into my heart space when I need to process deeper emotional work.

I often hold my palm stone in my hand as I go to sleep and rub it to help stimulate the crystals energy.

Unakite is said to be wonderful for heart work and connecting the heart and mind together. Powerful for working on love and emotional healing.

Considered a nurturing stone, it can be used for help finding balance in life and work, finding your success and creating a space of ease.

Unakite is described as having the stabilizing energy of the earth and it can be great for grounding. Also said to be helpful in dealing with fertility issues.

Typically used for the third eye and heart chakras, and balancing the emotional self, while also opening intuitive and spiritual vision.