Wealth & Prosperity Bundle WITH Womb Healing/Energy Healing video

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Hey there badass!

This bundle has been curated to support you in creating wealth, prosperity and a healthier and enjoyable relationship with money.

Here at HealingOne, we truly believe money is simply another form of energy,, and it is okay to enjoy it as much as you can. Money supports in paying hills, handling financial obligations, helping others, making a positive impact in pur families and communities and much more! And most importantly, it helps you create and enjoy the type of life you desire. Gives you access to things you need and want. 

We know religious upbringing, family wounds and traumas and other personal experiences can change how you view money. So if you e been financially struggling or have in the past, you may have hidden wounds around money that healing. Doing so can help you change your entire experience with money moving forward and help you to create a better financial generational legacy for your children if you desire. 

It takes some emotional stamina and true investment in yourself (not only financially to purchase them items, or any other ways you are implementing to help you shift). You have to invest mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually in yourself. It's worth it because sometimes you have to dive into years, maybe decades of thinking and ways that you and or your family handled money and money matters. 

So we've created a couple options for you to choose from for this bundle...

This bundle includes the Crystals AND Womb Healing/Energy Healing video from our 2021 I Am Power Womb Healing Retreat. Got my gentleman, YES, this is still for you as well! You were born our of a womb and most likely have dealt with things in your life and relationships that were directly embedded within you while you were in your mother's Womb. Qe all benefit from Womb Healing. 😎🤩🥰

☆☆If you are not ready to dive deeper and completely change your relationship with money, and want to start a little slower, it's OK. We get that. Take your time and plesse choose the bundle with only the crystals here... https://i-am-healingone.myshopify.com/products/wealth-prosperity-bundle ☆☆

You can dive deeper when you are ready. 🥰 

Crystals in this bundle...

Tiger Eye

Rose Quartz


Green Aventurine

Red Jasper


IF SELECTED... Malachite