White Sage

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Size is approximately 4-5 inches long.

White Sage when burned, is widely used to help cleanse physical and spiritual spaces, as incense, and home fresheners. Often used in spiritual practices and rituals. 

White Sage is most often recognized as helping to clear negative/all energy from a space. Users can use it when working with their personal spiritual rituals, cleansing the home or space after intense emotions, arguments, visitors or just when you feel you need an energetic reset. 

Many like to use it as part of a regular deep clean in the home or when moving into new spaces or offices.

It can be used to help reduce stress, anxiety and emotional overwhelm, while also helping the user to reset their personal energy and create a more peaceful state. 

Also reported for its use in helping to clean the air of bacteria, and even to help with mosquitoes and bothersome insects. 

Historically, sage has been used across many cultures and spiritual rituals & practices for centuries and is referred to as smudging when burned. 

Be mindful that those who have asthma, allergies or are sensitive to heavy or strong smells, you may want to do it in small increments, make sure to open windows and doors, or consider grabbing some of our Palo Santo as an alternative. Many clients tell me Palo Santo is an easier scent to have in their enclosed spaces as its not as heavy or overwhelmingto them. You can also consider crystals that cleanse, or smudging sprays if Sage is too overwhelming for you or anyone else in the home or space.